The Trending Couple (Meet Us)


Hi guys, Veronica Knight and Jose Pena here. We’re an married interracial couple from New York currently living in Las Vegas. We moved to Vegas 6 months ago and we love it! We definitely miss being New Yorkers but living there was cutting into our travel budget. We love travel way too much to be at a stand still. We spend our lives working, traveling, and eating. People will describe us as a modern married couple and we break ALL the rules. We are best friends first and husband and wife second. We got married in Vegas at 23 years old, just us. 

Our blog will give you lifestyle tips, travel tips and discounts, couples’ fashion updates, and more. We give you the real low down on life and we’ll show you that marriage is easy and it flows naturally. In our blog series you will learn more about us and how we overcome the obstacles of everyday life being married so young. People always as us “How do you balance life as a married couple in your 20’s?” We will explain step by step what to do and what works for us. 

We have been to 13 countries in the past 4 years and we will share our experience with you. We always travel alone, but with this blog we are hoping to accumulate travel buddies and friends. Our goals are to organize couple retreats where we can meet other amazing couples like ourselves. We always have an excessive amount of fun anywhere we go and we believe positive energy is contagious. 

Subscribe to our blog and stay up to date on life with us. 

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