How to: Modern Long Distance Relationships

Long distance? What! I’d never! That was the reaction we had when a situation presented itself forcing us to separate. We were literally inseparable. We never spent more than one day away from each other. Then we decided to move to Vegas and Jose’s job was still in NYC. He would spend a week there and come home every other weekend. This happened for 3 months. Believe it or not it actually strengthened our relationship. It’s okay to miss your honey, you just have to be open and honest about your feelings. Tell your partner everything and keep each other up to date. This is how we kept our relationship strong:

1. Don’t be too clingy


Sounds crazy but being too clingy makes you miss your partner even more. We tried to limit calling or texting to about 3 times a day. This makes you miss them and not get annoyed by the your partners over obsessive behavior. You want the love to continue and flow naturally.

2. Think of this as an adventure.


Instead of dreading the fact that you’re apart, think of it as an oppurtunity to find yourself again. Being in a relationship is amazing but sometimes you need “me time”. During this time pick up a class (ex: dance, boxing) to keep your mind on something positive. Plan things with family and friends and they will make sure you’re happy.

3. Do things together.


Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean you can’t do things together. FaceTime or Skype each other while going for a walk, or have a picnic. Find a series of shows, and movies that you can watch together. Read books and play games together. Technology is so amazing, you can see each other everyday online.

4. Stay positive.


If you think negative, it will rub off on your partner. Remaining happy and positive is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Remind each other that this is temporary and you will see each other as soon as time permits.

5. Compliment each other.


Say how beautiful/ handsome they are. Don’t be afraid to talk naughty to keep that spark alive. It’s healthy to keep your mental state happy because your physical state is absent.

6. Mail love letters.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

This is old school but it feels amazing knowing you have something coming in the mail from your loved one. Be pen pals and express how you feel. Send little trinkets and small gifts to make being away a little easier. Set a budget and theme (ex: sexual, silly, sentimental) on monthly gifts and send them out the same day each month. This keeps the relationship alive and keeps your partner guessing.

Time apart can be a positive thing if you take steps to keep your relationship booming. Being apart isn’t ideal but it’s doable and you will learn to appreciate your time apart. More importantly you will learn to value your time together.

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