How to get the CHEAPEST flights


Traveling is not expensive if you know how to do it right. We will teach you how we travel cheap! These are the best tips to score cheap deals and travel the world without breaking the bank.

1. Skyscanner

This is one of the easiest ways to find the cheapest flight. You can select catergories to look for the whole month. Skyscanner can also break it down by location.

2. Kayak Explore

Don’t go to your average to find the best travel dates and deals. They have a separate section specifically for the best travel dates that will suit your needs. If you enter the city you’re traveling from. Kayak will give you the cheapest time to fly to different places all around the world. You can also choose catergories like beaches, romantic destinations, weekend getaways, and much more.

Tip: If you buy from a third party and you have to make any changes (rebook, reschedule) you have to rebook through them and not the actual airline.

3. “Hidden City”

Book a ticket to a cheaper city with a connection to your city of interest. For example buy a travel ticket from New York to San Diego with a connection flight in Los Angeles. Your true destination is Los Angeles. Once you reach Los Angeles go to your destination don’t get on the flight to San Diego. This is called the hidden city. There are websites like  Skiplagged that can help you plan for this. Be careful with this because if you’re using air miles and airlines find out you’re doing this they will cancel them.

Tip: Don’t check bags if you don’t have to.

4. Airmiles Credit Card 

If you apply for a credit card with an airline or at your bank, you earn bonus miles. These miles can be redeemed and used toward your flight as a payment option. These cards typically can be used anywhere and you get points just by using the card in general.

5. Follow on Twitter

Airlines post deals on twitter that are not on your average third party site or on their website. They will give codes for $75 off your next flight or other special deals. Keep an eye out for special deals. JetBlue always has flash fare sales to look out for. For JetBlue flash fares follow : @jetbluecheeps

6. Visit the Airport

Believe it or not sometimes the best deal isn’t found online. For example spirit airlines is actually cheaper to book at the airport. You avoid a few fees which in turn reduces your cost. Contact other airlines at your airport and see if they have any deals or if it will be cheaper to book through them.

Tip: Saturdays are the best days to book your flight at the airport. The lines are the shortest. Make sure you book your flight for dates in advance to score the cheapest deals.

7. Cheapest days to fly

  • U.S. domestic: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
  • Cheapest days to fly, international: Weekdays are usually cheaper than weekends
  • Tickets are typically 35% cheaper when you fly on Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive days to fly.

8.  Go to hot destinations off season

If you go during their off season you will score deals on airfare as well as hotels. You will also avoid large crowds. When we visited Thailand off season we got to stay at the Westin for half price, the attractions were discounted, and it was like we had the place to ourselves.

9. Don’t book direct if going to multiple cities.

Use a regional airline abroad to save big. Regional airlines like Jetstar  and other smaller airlines offer deals to fly from place to place. We flew from London to Paris for $60 last minute. Just be careful with baggage fees.

10. Don’t limit yourself to one airport

Flying from one airport may be more expensive to get to your destination. Expand your search by choosing surrounding airports in the area.

We’ve used these tips multiple times over the years. It’s time for you to travel for cheap too. Subscribe to our blog for more tips and cheats that can help you score travel deals.

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