Top 5 free things to do in Miami

Miami is just as glamorous as the pictures. One of the flashiest cities in the US. Lots of flavor and plenty to do. If you have a few days it’s best to have a guide on the fun Instagram worthy places to see, eat, and explore.

1. Aventura Mall (tower slide)

LaPlaya Properties

This iconic mall is one of the best malls in America. The shopping and the eats are not free but there are tons of art installations you can enjoy. There’s a free ginormous slide that you’ll want to ride again and again. That is, if you aren’t afraid of heights.

2. South Beach (free gym, volleyball, etc)

This beach will get your blood pumping. Free outdoor gym, volleyball courts and sunscreen to keep you going for hours. Clean, soft sand with blue waters you thought only existed in movies.

Speaking of the gym get in shape with these FREE bootcamp classes everyday of the week taught by local veterans at 6 different locations throughout Miami :

Gratigny Plateau Park, Gwen Cherry Park, Tropical Park, North Trail Park, South Dade Park, and Live Like Bella Park

3. Wynwood Walls


Art, art, and more art. Take loads of selfies at this iconic hipster landmark. Local artists have mastered their craft creating amazing walls with vibrant colors and 3D sculptures. Wynwood is sure to give the inner artist in us the sensory overload we’ve all been craving.

4. Little Havana

If you don’t have the money to make it to the real Havana, visit this miniature one. Worthy of it’s name, there’s lots of dancing, and Cuban culture here. Feel like you’ve been transported to Cuba without having to stamp your passport.

5. Taco Taco Taco!

Free tacos every Tuesday at Wood Tavern. Get there early because there will be a line. Tacabout a great deal!

Comment some of your favorite places to visit in Miami. Repost, like, and follow our blog.

Veronica and Jose

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