Top 5 Islands you can rent for cheap

Grab your bestie(s) and pack your bags. You are about to take the most epic trip of your lives. We’ve been holding onto this secret for many years and now it’s time to share. You can rent a whole island for less than the price of a hotel stay. It’s time for you to live the good life. YOLO

1. Brother Island- El Nido, Philippines

Airbnb Brother Island

This all inclusive fully staffed island will cater to your every need. White sand beaches, island hopping tours, excursions, and massages are at the top of our list of reasons to stay. This island offers everything you want for as little as $400/night for 2 people and each additional person $56/person per night with a 2 night minimum stay. If you’re a group of 12 that’s only $80/person. They only book one reservation one at a time so this whole island will be all yours for the low low.

2. Bird Island – Belize

Airbnb Bird Island

If you’re looking for total seclusion this island is perfect for you. Do things at your leisure. No stress, no worries, and no staff or anyone else will be present. Best part about this island there are no mosquitos or sand flies. This island can accommodate up to 6 people at $495/night with a 4 night minimum stay. That’s $82.50/person, talk about a great deal. This popular island fills up quick, so book fast. This island is only 6 miles away from the mainland and it is easily accessible. They are constantly upgrading and adding new things to this island, so book it you won’t regret it.

3. Pink Pearl Island- Granada Nicaragua

VRBO- Pink Pearl Island

Turquoise water and white sand is what draws us to this island. They serve continental breakfast every morning. You can enjoy snorkeling and relaxation. At $450/night you can score this island for $112/person per night. There is a concierge to assist with booking your tours, and to help you check in.

4.Tropical Island Cove- Costa Rica

Airbnb Tropical Cove Island

With a 25 mile long rainforest, this island is a tropical retreat. This includes hammocks, a beach, and lots of wildlife. If you love monkeys, stop monkeying around and book this island already. There are 3 different species of monkeys present on Tropical Cove. Only accessible by boat this island gives you complete seclusion. The price is perfect at only $275/night for 4 guests which totals down to $68.75/night. Come chill with the monkeys and enjoy the tropical environment. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Ilha Grande- Rio De Jainero, Brazil

Airbnb Ilha Grande

With gorgeous rooms views, you can relax and enjoy your escape privately. There are plenty of fun things to do on this island. Take a boat tour to the other islands surrounding this one. Tons of watersports available. This beautiful escape is a little pricey but you can bring a lot of friends. At $1229/night 14 people can be accommodated on this gorgeous island. The breakdown is $87/person.

Take the time, rent an island. If you don’t have travel partners start a forum and get to know the people in your neighborhood. Just get there and enjoy your life. YOLO!

Veronica and Jose

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