Top 5 things to do in YOUR city this October

It’s that time again! Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice is in your life, and chili is in your crockpot. Football rules this season among other things like festivals, food, and Halloween. Don’t be a couch potato this fall, there are plenty of things to do. We’re giving you five things you should get out and do this October. Let’s go!

1. Oktoberfest

Picture by Felix Hoerhager

If you’re in Munich, Germany then you are in luck. If you’re not, plan to go next year. Their Oktoberfest is the best there is. Beer drinkers come from all over to visit. Oktoberfest is often duplicated in a city near you. Find your local festival and enjoy brats and beer this October.

2. Pumpkin patch and apple picking

picture by schaakespumpkinpatch

Going to a pumpkin patch is a fun way to spend time with your family and weekend in the fall. Enjoy fresh fruit and just enjoy the experience. Pumpkin chucking is loads of fun, and you can let out any built up anger.

3. Hay ride

Picture by Ian Goldsmith

Enjoy riding on hay bales while enjoying scenery with your kids in the daytime. Once the sun goes down, haunted hayrides will have you screaming while you get chased by monsters and ghouls.

4. Haunted House

Picture by CBS Pittsburg

My favorite part of October is going to a haunted house and almost having my wig snatched off by the people behind me. Supposedly one of the scariest haunted houses in the world is Netherland Haunted House in Atlanta. You can find tons in your area, look for the scariest.

5. Corn Maze

Picture by Santa Rosa Pumpkin Patch

Do you like puzzles? How about an escape room? Corn mazes will put your relationships to the test. Can you find your way out or will you be sleeping there overnight? Look for one in your area.

Enjoy this time of year. Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Take life by surprise and get off the couch.

Veronica and Jose

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