Why you Should Consider Flying Sky Hi

Whether we’re at the grocery store, enjoying a vacation or opening up our DM’s (@thetrendingcouple), lately everyone’s been asking us to review new company Fly Sky Hi. For those who haven’t heard, Fly Sky Hi is a new company bringing the subscription model to the travel industry. With dozens of cities to choose from across the country and a handful of international options, it leaves a bunch of questions for the skeptics.

According to their website you pay $200/month, which gives you access to up to 5 one-way tickets. Let’s be honest, this is already sounding a little gimmicky. Other than someone who just robbed a bank looking to lay low in another city, who’s buys a one way ticket? So already off the bat it’s only two round trips a month that they are market as if you’re getting more than what you’re paying. You could work their system by booking a trip at the end of one month and returning at the start of the next. In exchange for $200/month you can book trips with prices set in stone based on distance rather than by market and demand. Flights up to 1,000 miles are $35, $75 for flights between 1,000 and 2,000 miles, and $120 for flights over 2,000 miles.

This led us to a relentless search of hundreds of flights for hours on end. Our conclusion? It’s not quite black and white. It depends on why you’re traveling, your flexibility, how much time you have to plan your trip, and what markets you are flying from.

Why are you traveling? Are you traveling for business or pleasure? Are your travel dates flexible or set in stone? Do you have to make sure you’re able to make that 9:00 meeting or are you indifferent to getting into town at 8pm? These are all factors that dramatically effect ticket prices, and ultimately make Fly Sky Hi a God-send or a dud.

When most people plan a vacation, the first thing they do is change the search results to sort by lowest price first, and this ends up being the foundation of your itinerary. This also usually leads to taking red-eyes, the possibility of a long layover, or even flying into a neighboring city 20 miles from your final destination. But who cares?! You’re on vacation and if that means saving $90/person you’ll make it work.

Business people care, that’s who! Many business travelers prefer day trips to avoid the additional time and cost of staying overnight at a hotel just to save $90 on an airfare which will get eaten up by dinner and a night at the Best Western. Airlines know this and take full advantage. Next time you’re on Kayak pay attention to flights before 8am. Those are usually the most expensive, sometimes triple the amount of the lowest ticketed price.

If you’re a small or large business owner and you fly as little as once a month, this is easily a no-brainer. You can CashApp us as a thank you @$TheTrendingCouple.

The amount of time you have to plan a trip is also an important factor when airlines price tickets. Once you get into the 3 week mark from your flight, prices go up almost on a daily basis. Again, this is something usually business travelers have to deal with that makes Fly Sky Hi worth your while.

The last major factor to consider when deciding if Fly Sky Hi is for you is what market you’re in. On the west coast, many flights match the subscription prices offered by Fly Sky Hi so if you’re not pressed to fly certain times of the day or days of the week Fly Sky Hi may not be the next subscription coming out of your monthly budget.

On the east coast, many flights are about $25 more than the subscription price point, so breaking even with the $200 monthly fee isn’t a bad option to have in your back pocket for flying during holiday peaks when prices are sure to surge.

Finally you have the underserved markets. These are cities that don’t have a heavy airline presence and only pump out a few dozen daily flights versus the thousands that a metropolis produces. Because of the short supply of airlines and flights, demand can easily sky rocket. The same 400 miles that someone would fly between LA and the Bay for $40, would cost someone flying from Toledo to Nashville $240 at best and up to $800 during peak holiday travel for an economy seat. There are only a handful of underserved markets that Fly Sky Hi serves such as Kansas City and Portland.Joining is a the easiest decision to make if you live in these underserved markets and travel on a regular basis.

As a current west coast resident who enjoys regularly low priced airfares Fly Sky Hi isn’t very appealing but we definitely see the value for business travelers and those in underserved markets. Still, we are going to give this subscription a shot and take advantage of their international routes as well as flying during peak holiday seasons.

There are many unanswered questions and only one way to find out. Which airlines will we be flying on? Are there other fees that airlines may want to tack on? How will the taxes on international flights pan out? Will there be availability during Thanksgiving, especially since flights aren’t allowed to be booked more than ten days prior? Can you cancel a subscription at any time? How is customer service should a last minute emergency cancel your plans?

Stay tuned. We’re going undercover for you and the traveling public and should have plenty to report within the next year.

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