6 Summer Date Ideas

Every couple looks for ideas to keep that summer love pumping. If you enjoy summer and your partner then you’ll enjoy these ideas. Here are six date ideas you can do wherever you are.

1. Outdoor movie dates- some places have them for free at the park or you can do a really cheap drive in. There’s something about being outside watching a movie under the stars that makes it even more romantic.

2. Mini Golf- time for a little friendly competition. Up the game and wager something to make the game more interesting.

3. Festival- every summer there are so many festivals. Music, food trucks, art, dancing, Ferris wheel, funnel cakes! Need I say more? Look up upcoming festivals near you, grab bae and go.

4. Picnic- picnics don’t have to be all about packing cold cuts. Up the game and pack full meals with wine and you’ll really enjoy.

5. Amusement Park- Huge roller coaster fan here, this is the perfect date. Screaming to the top of your lungs on a roller coaster, winning a giant teddy bear, and funnel cakes. Definitely the ultimate date.

6. Cooking class- Fun and tasty. Learn to make a dish together. You’ll definitely learn a lot about your partner on this date.

Do you guys have any cool ideas? Drop some comments and let us know how you keep things spicy during the summer.

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